About Emily

I find joy in moving my body and living healthfully. Even better? When I can help you find that joy too.

As I developed my own fitness plans, I naturally started working with athletes in the gym. Over time, I began to help them as much as they helped me because flexibility is often overlooked in typical training programs. Maintaining range of motion, protecting joints and muscles, and giving you mobility that lasts throughout your life is my goal. The truth is, ALL athletes need a flexibility program to support their normal workouts.

My weight loss program is also developed from experience: I lost 100 pounds the healthy way, and have kept it off. My plan includes consistent exercise designed for real bodies and scheduled around real, busy life (I’m a mom and a business owner. I can’t spend 2 hours in the gym everyday, and fitness is my job!) I teach you how to eat with intention, choosing plant-based, natural foods that fuel your body. It’s a low stress, gentle approach that sets you up for success and accounts for real life. I promise you won’t give up dinner with friends or family celebrations.

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